Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trekking @ Kanching Waterfall

Is been a few days i didn't update for my blog...because i was bz on arranging photos...bunch of photos are queue up for me to edit and are my recent outing with photokaki member to Kanching Waterfall...I've been trekkin up 7 level of waterfall until we reach the top of the fall...hehe...i was crazy and adventures trekking...Enjoy the photos ya~ :)

This are 1st HDR shot that i try to create
And this is the 2nd HDR shot...still figuring out how to create a ultra contrast HDR photos.. :)

The top end of the fall..still got lots of small "water road" that we can explore more...but unfortunaly didn't prepare enough to do such trekking... :(

Shot above the 7th fall...

Photokaki's CEO...Mel...a nice gentleman that teach me alots... Sifu~~~ :)

Another waterfall~

Mini waterfall~

Some really Huge Spider and web...

Perspective? xD


Smooth silky waterfall~

Sun Ray~

Different types of Sun Ray~

3rd types of Sun Ray~

Here are the last shots of Sun Rays...xD...

The next day of this trekking i went to Melaka D-Paradise...will upload the photos soon...

Coming Soon... :)