Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Work Station

Recently really too damn bz >.< I have no time to edit photos and update my blog...I shoot alot and edit alot...Wondering what i use for my works?

Today i going to introduce you my work place...That's my room~!! Recently i clean up and reposition my room because i brought new desk for my computer...and here is how it looks like... :)My 2 LCD on my Desk with Klipsch 2.1 speaker...right hand site was my phone that JunJunRiko in love with...
Wider 2 in 1 printer/scanner and my laser printer... :D but too bad my cpu was below my table at the cause my room like an oven...FREAKING Hot~!!! swt!!
And this is the heart of my work new CM690 casing....wanna know what is inside? Check it out now~!!
Core 2 Quad, Corsair 4GB, GTX 275 etc...

So this is the machine that i use to do my works...but it heat up my room...and bad for health too >.<

Thx for reading...have a nice day :D

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 4 of KK Trip

Here comes day4...Currently just pick 6 photos only..still gt lots...haven't decide which to post yet.. :D catch the updates ya... :)

Some mosque at KK...forgotten the name.. >.<

The Scenery in front the mosque
The Depth and Height...
Sleepy cat?
While we leaving my friends was driving and i took this snap shot...Can u get the mood?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Here comes part3...

Finally here the last part of day3...really took me lots of time to manage it...hehe *maybe i'm slow* :p

Sunset on day 3...golden beach framed with leaf...
I personally love the tones to romantic if u hang out with ur loves one there.. :D
Wider shots of the golden sunset...
Got-Cha...caught some couple cam whore-ing...haha...i don't think they know i'm shooting them...they are enjoying their moment sweet~
Suddenly the sky tone change from golden to cool blue...
after the sky totally dark and all the restaurant there light up...the colours are great isnt?
Some culture show at a food court near my lodge...
Dance Dance Dance~ :D

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here comes part 2

Here comes part 2 of my photos~!!! Still got many more to come...too many edi...need lots of time to filter it out.. >_< Flower close up..the colour a bit burn due to the really HOT sun~

did u feel calm and cool on this photos? i did :)
I like this because can see the flower with some spider web...i creates the truly natural feels~

here comes the COW~!! hehe...did u ever think u can found a place like this in Malaysia? Really unexpected...we accidentally found this meadow...Really feels good when u are surrounding by so many cows.. xD
One of the COW are posing for me.. :P
FORD at works~!! :D
This is where we stay...not bad right? It is vry cooling..u dont even need a air condition...
Catch some couple that jogging at the sweet...hope 1 day i could found my another half and doin the samething too...

Here are the end of part2...i still arranging and uploading my part3 photos..This trip really fun and i wish i could share it to everyone that reading my post... :D Thx...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Experimental Header update

Jz started my blog not long i decide to really push my blog to the limit and now i was try to be familiar with this blogging system...1st things i tried is to figure out how i gonna to design a header for my own blog... :D pretty easy right? but for me i still found out a bit confuse to really design a matching header...and here are my 1st try..the photos i was taken at Kuala Gula, Sunset with a fishing how was it?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 3 @ KK

Ha, It's me again...Today gonna show u the shots that i taken at Sabah on 3rd days...

as usual...woke up at 4.30am and prepare for the shooting of the day...the sunrise around 5am and i manage to capture the sun ray :D Consider lucky right? xD are the 1st photos on 3rd day...i captured the sun ray..but too bad..all my shots of mount kk are gone..not destroyed...but i didn't pick it..because it looks bad...due to my laziness to change my lens :p
after the sun fully raised and it glow up the whole looks peace right :)
and after that we (me and 1 of my forum frens) went back to our resort and hunt something to is what i get..some classic lamp...(above)
some nice orchid mum love it too...
Omg finally a HUGE spider...i manage to snap it with my 55-250 zoom lens but not a macro lens then u can image how big is that spider >_<

Here are the 1st part of 3rd days...really tired 3am now...need to have some rest and will be continue posting the rest of the photos on tmr... :D Good Nights ya...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

KK Trip Day2

Day 2 photos POSTED~!! :D hoho...2day 1 shot update 2 new post..kekeke...duno why...a bit too excited liao..hope u all like my photos ya...

Wk up early morning @ 4.30 jz to hunt this shot...tired dou...the middle mountain is mount KK..
The cloud look like bomb right? i personally like the reflection on the water :)
Can it consider as a jetty? lol?
Mount KK agn..can u see the shiny things on top of the hill?
This 1 should can see clearer the shiny things on top of mount KK...
Meadow? Farm? Where is the cow?
Some really huge tree...
End the day with this golden cloud :D

Day3 i will post up asap..too many to filter out...wish i could finish it within this few days...Enjoy ya :D

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm back~

Sorry for disappear so long...hehe..finally...I'm back~bcoz recently really too bz for doing my internship and preparing for my trip to KK and Brunei... :D due to too long nvr update my blog..lots of photos are already mess up..duno which 1 should i post i decide to post the latest photos...KK Trip day 01...i went there for jz manage to come prepare the day 1 photos...hope u all enjoy ya... :)

KK Trip Day 01

On d way to KK~
KK Fishing Village
Wide shot of the Village
Golden Sunset Sky
After few minute it turned to red~

Here are the day1 photos for KK trip...Day2 coming soon.. :)