Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 3 @ KK

Ha, It's me again...Today gonna show u the shots that i taken at Sabah on 3rd days...

as usual...woke up at 4.30am and prepare for the shooting of the day...the sunrise around 5am and i manage to capture the sun ray :D Consider lucky right? xD are the 1st photos on 3rd day...i captured the sun ray..but too bad..all my shots of mount kk are gone..not destroyed...but i didn't pick it..because it looks bad...due to my laziness to change my lens :p
after the sun fully raised and it glow up the whole looks peace right :)
and after that we (me and 1 of my forum frens) went back to our resort and hunt something to is what i get..some classic lamp...(above)
some nice orchid mum love it too...
Omg finally a HUGE spider...i manage to snap it with my 55-250 zoom lens but not a macro lens then u can image how big is that spider >_<

Here are the 1st part of 3rd days...really tired 3am now...need to have some rest and will be continue posting the rest of the photos on tmr... :D Good Nights ya...

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