Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here comes part 2

Here comes part 2 of my photos~!!! Still got many more to come...too many edi...need lots of time to filter it out.. >_< Flower close up..the colour a bit burn due to the really HOT sun~

did u feel calm and cool on this photos? i did :)
I like this because can see the flower with some spider web...i creates the truly natural feels~

here comes the COW~!! hehe...did u ever think u can found a place like this in Malaysia? Really unexpected...we accidentally found this meadow...Really feels good when u are surrounding by so many cows.. xD
One of the COW are posing for me.. :P
FORD at works~!! :D
This is where we stay...not bad right? It is vry cooling..u dont even need a air condition...
Catch some couple that jogging at the sweet...hope 1 day i could found my another half and doin the samething too...

Here are the end of part2...i still arranging and uploading my part3 photos..This trip really fun and i wish i could share it to everyone that reading my post... :D Thx...

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