Thursday, June 4, 2009

KK Trip Day2

Day 2 photos POSTED~!! :D hoho...2day 1 shot update 2 new post..kekeke...duno why...a bit too excited liao..hope u all like my photos ya...

Wk up early morning @ 4.30 jz to hunt this shot...tired dou...the middle mountain is mount KK..
The cloud look like bomb right? i personally like the reflection on the water :)
Can it consider as a jetty? lol?
Mount KK agn..can u see the shiny things on top of the hill?
This 1 should can see clearer the shiny things on top of mount KK...
Meadow? Farm? Where is the cow?
Some really huge tree...
End the day with this golden cloud :D

Day3 i will post up asap..too many to filter out...wish i could finish it within this few days...Enjoy ya :D

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