Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Common flu or H1N1?

Recently was too busy and didn't take care myself properly...(no one take of of me..XD) and I've got a seriously flu..the 1st day was flu only..but the following days everything getting worst..flu following by sore throat, cough and sounds familiar right? H1N1...and i went to clinic are the conversation between me n doctor

Doctor: u..long time didn't see you wor..

Me: u wan always see me sick meh..lolz...

Doctor: so what happen? flu? cough? or fever?

Me: i got flu, sore throat, cough and fever...

Doctor: sounds like H1N1 huh?

Me: yalor..then how?

Doctor: aiya...many ppl also infected lar..many already recover but many people dunno about it, few more days can recover already...

Me: ermm...oh..really? then i need MC for college because today i didn't go college.

Doctor: how many days u need? 2? or 3? u want a week also can...but if u give 1 week to your college i think college will ask you 2 weeks don't know why right?

Me: oh ya..self case of H1N1...

Doctor: then i give u 3 days MC lar...should be recover within this few days lar...don't worry..but you better stay at home don't go out frequently so it wont spread to other people...

Me: Oh...okok...thx...

So here is the conversation between me n it i was under suspicion of H1N1? or just common flu?? I have really no idea about i better stay at home and don't go any where...Hopefully it is just a common flu and recover soon...and at the same saw i see brother having fever at the midnight... >.<" it i infect him? not only my brother...some of my friends also falling sick after we went shooting together last 2 days...

Seriously i feel damn guilty for causing my brother and my friends falling from now on...i better just stay inside my room for the whole day and don't contact with any of my friends nor my family members if not necessaries, in case i will make them sick too... >.<

For my friends that sick and possibilities caused by me...I send my deepest apologize here...

It doesn't feel good when u are the cause of the problem...>.< (virus spreader)

Hopefully I'm not infected H1N1 and recover within this 2 days lar... :(

Let's pray...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

KK Trip Day 5

After have a long pause and now finally i manage to spend sometimes to filter out some of the photos for my KK trip day 5...I went to 2 Island in KK...In this post i going to post the 1st island only...1st island already got more than 30 photos...need some patient to fully load all the photos :)


Some flash back for end of my KK Trip day 4


Sunset at Sutera harbor...

IMG_9729 comes day 5...i went to the dock and waiting for boat to the island...


Is was SOOO not much people there...


Guess which boat ride to the island? :D


While i on the way to the front d guys saying :HI~


This is the island that i heading...


Tadaa~!! Arrived destination!




The beach so nice :) but too bad i was equip with all my gear and cant go into the water >.<


Let's see what is on the island~


OMG...what was that? Recycle water? yuck~!


The long bridge~


look's great...




Guess what is this?


Dunno what's the name but people ride it for diving...


DSLR plastic bag? take a look at what's the guy holding...


OMG~Underwater shooting!!! Soo nice :)


Shooting for magazine? nice model u have :p


*banana* boat?


Back from diving?


Riding those alien container?


Woah...underwater video camera cool!!


Enjoying? Tired? Sleeping?


Some folk's with their grandchild...


Brother with little brother?


3,2,1 Jump~!!


Couple *banana* Boat ? XD


Water dance?

IMG_9885 jz a bridge...


Poor little kid... :(


Pro Divers~!!!

So this is the 1st island that i visit in KK...more are coming :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

K Session with my gang~

Hohoho...last sat night went sing k with my friends..we went Puchong Neway..

Guess what? We got surprise while we get into our room...We just 5 person...but the room is big enough to let me park 3 Honda civic inside~!!!

So lucky..because all the small room are taken..and left this huge room (might be VIP room)

Not forget to mention about the sound system is awesome too...they using a professional microphone but not those cheap wireless mic...The sound output are really like we in a concert...wakakaka...

oh ya...LCD...ops...too bad...that room don't have any LCD TV...but they use PROJECTOR~!!! Wakakakaka...Awesome right?

1 word~!! We are freaking lucky tat night~!!!

take a look at the room and what my friend did in the room!!

Can u see the projector???

The waiter is replacing new battery for us... :)

Looks like a VIP room right?

Me and my friend arrive at 1st is really crazy while 1 person sitting over there...(might be scary too...1am...XD...)

Take a look at both is not ghost!!! but my friends that sitting on top of the sofa...Wakakaka...

Really awesome for this K session... :D

Thursday, July 16, 2009

KK Trip Photos (end of day4)

Here are the last part of my KK Trip day 4 photos...We went to Sutera Harbor Hotel have some shoot...if i not mistaken...hehe...but the weather was really bad...after i taken few shots and it started a really heavy thunderstorm...all my camera gear also get wet...hopefully it didn't build up fungus..XD...

Some landscape was drizzling while i take this shot... *CAMERA WET* !!!

Some really classy and nice boat...Look at the floor!!! Pretty wet!! Because it was raining!!!

Before the thunderstorm approach...Shoot and RUN!!!

And this is the teaser for coming post...XD...i went to some island at KK...

Enjoy~ :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

OO Nite 09'

Here are the update for the event i attend last sunday...

Personally i rate the event 5 out of 10...Consider pass actual night photos in this post because i didn't bring my camera along just have ticket photos...because it was too heavy for me while i wearing formal suite :)

Why 5 out of 10? OO nite also called Orientation Odyssey night or prom nite for my college...but this year they totally remake the whole event...from concept till performance also different from what i did last time (p/s: i was committee for this event for last 2 years :D too bad not the finalist...lmao...)

Usually prom nite at the end they chosen king and queen as the winner...but this year they changed everything...don't have any king and queen...they won by performing...for me it is not even consider as a prom...prom usually judge by outlook and also your talent but this year they judge on is really weird for me (maybe I'm just too traditional minded =.=)

Another things i feel sad is their media team...backdrop not really nice...visual presentation not good enough...sound FX didn't well prepared...the flow is a little too messy for me...maybe they are just too new and need more experiences :)

But what so special this year is they add in a campaign to make a Fund raising for Gaza...It is really meaningful...and help a lot...

This event considered successful...cannot complain too much because every year also have mistakes :) just cut it down to minimum is more than enough... Wish next year will have more improvement...

I might coming back for the show on next year :D (Because this is my final year in this college...wish i lucky enough to grab a ticket for that :D)

The picture attached below is ticket for this year OO Nite...



Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Wonder why my topic is CRAZY? Let me explain to you what is going on...Last Sunday my college having prom night and i was lucky enough to grab a VIP ticket.. (cz im ex committee...XD) So as usual i attend the event...but...the crazy things is not about attending the event itself...but is the trip that i went to college...few days before the event one of my fren (of course is girl..XD) msn me and ask me is it possible to fetch her to the event because she scare after event is too late for her to go back herself and is dangerous also...Yea..she's staying at a quite far and silent place...i went there few times before (find her yam cha) it is really freak me out when at night...even i drive alone at that area i also feel scary, for a girl definitely is dangerous and i promise her to fetch her to college..and i also promise Moon to give her a ride to college because i ask her along to the event...But why so CRAZY? Where is the CRAZY part?

Here comes the CRAZY part...i was staying at Serdang (if u have no idea then u can go google map and check it out) and my friend that staying at the silent place is at subang area and Moon stay about 7km away from college...

So on that day itself i travel from: Serdang > Subang > Moon's place > College > Yam Cha around Genting Kelang > Moon's Place > Subang > Serdang...

OMG!!! Can u imagine that? Can u imagine the mileage?

So here are the CRAZY part...hahaha...Crazy fella...that's me!!!

When i was on the way was really late..and i having 8am class next day (of course skipped...i wk up at 12.30pm on monday >.<) so i driving really fast because the traffic was really smooth... (around 2am in the morning...) and i drove till 138km!!! Wakakaka...

and still not enough for me~!!! Go on...149km~!!! XDXD...CRAZZZY~!!!

But i've paid for it...i pump my petrol before i went for the event and next day...See what happen to my petrol...WTF almost half tank gone~!!! CRAZYYYY~!!!

U know what? just 1 night i travel around 200+KM~!!! WTF...for this distant i can reach IPOH already lar... >.<

But 149km is not my speedlimit personal speedlimit record is......

191KM~!!! Wakakaka...CRAZZZZZZZY agn~!!! (Sry for small picture...because i lost my original files while i format my phone >.<)

p/s: Don't try this without really have the skill to handle the speed...XD...I drove fast but safety!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yaya...layout Changed!!!

Finally...spend me sometimes to figure out about the html coding and finally i modified u can view photos at my blog bigger don't need to use magnifying glass anymore...XD...hope you enjoy my new layout... :)

KK Trip photos (Continue Day4)

KK Trip day 4 (Continue)

After the mosque shots...after noon we went Loklawi wild life park and i taken some shots for the animals too :)

Portrait for Ostrich


Itchy? Otter scratch using the stone...So clever...

Forgot the name of this monkey...but all their nose also long and big..the older the bigger...xD...

Monkey father portrait...

Another shots...The nose was really big and long...

Full body shots...

Malayan Sun Bear Tanning?

It looks really lazy...haha...

Saw some kids running around...

OMG...Shitting on d public..!! Get caught!!

Duo tone???

Texture....Looks tough... :)

Stealing FOOD??? Of course not..haha...

All the photos are taken at Loklawi wild life center...

More photos are coming soon... :)