Thursday, July 9, 2009

Screw my WORKSTATION~!!!

So pissed off with my WORKSTATION~!!! While i online halfway ytd..suddenly my internet got disconnected...i tot it was streamyx fault..but see properly is my pc disconnected from my ROUNTER~!!! WTF!! how could tis happen? After that i keep refreshing my pc and it cant detect my rounter at all~!!! it show the wifi network next door...WTF...i place my rounter right beside my wireless adapter and it cannot be detected??? seriously extremely pissed off with this..and after 15min finally it detected my home wifi network...but...WTF!! It said my adapter capabilities does not fit the requirement for my rounter???? OMG~!!! What's wrong with it lar..This problem really make me freaking headache and seriously feel like want to throw my rounter and adapter into recycle dustbin already... =.="

After 1hour finally i found the solution..guess what? Interference~!!! WTF...both if the device is too close until they have interference and cant detect each other...WTH...i use it about a year ago was alright and now suddenly interference happened...freaking weird man~!!! I solved this problem by moving my wifi adapter about 1metre away from my rounter and everything is just fine... =.=" seriously this is the weirdest problem that i ever had...

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